Packingservice & Packingtips

Easy Moving fully understands that you would like to be “taken care of”! For a small additional charge, we will pack your entire contents a day in advance, we will dismantle your cabinets and set everything up for you. You don’t have to do anything! The professional Easy Moving movers do all the work.

Hourly rate: € 35 (per mover).

Packing tips for national moves

If you are moving, you can still save money on moving costs by, for example, packing yourself. Below you will find a number of useful tips. Note: always have the packed goods checked before departure by your Easy Moving mover. This is to prevent damage.


It is wise to pack by room and “mark” the boxes with the contents and number of the room in the destination house. So in your new home, give each room a number. If you wish, you can make a list with a detailed content description for each box. Of course, this takes more time, but you’ll find what you’re looking for faster.

Electronic equipment

For equipment – if possible – use the original boxes and make necessary provisions for PC and expensive equipment. Fill the boxes with newspapers, packing paper or blankets. Do not pack sharp things with fragile items. Furthermore, you can disconnect and connect the washing machine yourself, do not forget to drain out the residual water and secure the drum with the transport lock to prevent damage. Seal the door of the defrosted refrigerator with tape and make sure it stands upright when moving. Set the freezer on the highest setting the night before the move and insulate it with blankets during the move.

Breakable items

Packing crockery requires extra care. Easymoving moving company has special packing paper to properly put tableware in the boxes. Roll silverware in tissue paper. Fragile items should be wrapped. You may then be able to wrap this along with linens, for example. Indicate through stickers that the box deserves extra attention (e.g., BREAKABLE, GLASSWORK). The heavier items (such as plates) should go at the bottom of the box. Put highly breakable glassware (such as wine glasses) and bottles upright in the box. Keep flammable and hazardous materials separate.

Heavy goods

It is not wise to put many heavy small goods (such as books) together in a moving box. Use these books as the bottom and put the lighter items on top to fill up. Books should be packed lying down to avoid damage to the spine. Don’t make the boxes too heavy and use small boxes for heavy goods. This makes moving easier and less likely to cause damage.

Clothing and rugs

Clothes can be hung in special wardrobe boxes, which you will receive from us. This way they will be transported wrinkle-free. Do not fold the clothes, but roll them up to avoid wrinkling.

Curtains and lamps

You can take curtains off the rails and put them in the boxes. Further, take off the lamps and place the lampshades upright in a box. Be careful when packing these parts.

Clocks and paintings

For clocks, secure the pendulum in the cabinet. Let us pack large (upright) clocks, as well as mirrors and paintings. This ensures the best protection during your move.


Depending on distance and moving time, it is possible to bring plants. Put small plants together in a box, we will take care of large plants.

Valuable items

Do not leave keys in closets and desks, they can get lost. Be sure to keep keys, money and checks in your carry-on luggage. This, of course, also applies to expensive jewelry and important papers. Other valuables are the working tools. Keep them separate so you can get back to work quickly in the new home.