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easymoving understands that you want your move to be care-free.
for a relatively small extra fee one day prior to moving, we will pack your entire inventory including beds and cabinets taking great care of your property.
you do not need to do anything. our professional team at easy moving will do all the work for you.

Charge per hour: € 35,– (Per mover)

Packing tips moving nationaly

You can save moving costs by packing your inventory yourself.
We have compiles numerous tips to help you. If possible, get your inventory checked by one of our easy moving helpers so as to avoid possible damage.


Packing by room is smart and easy. By registering/encoding these boxes with their content and designating them to a room in the property being moved to helps in efficiency. Designate a number for each room in the property being moved to and allocate this number to each box. Time consuming but very usefull is to create a content per box which helps you find exactly what you need easily after you have moved.

Electronic equipment

Use if available the original boxes and packaging. Use precaution for computers, tv’s and other expensive electronic items. Where necessary fill boxes with packing paper, newspaper, or blankets. Try not to pack sharp objects with vulnerable items. Disconnect your washing machine and dispend of any rest water in it. Adjust the wash drum to its fixed position to avoid any damage. Seal the door of the defrosted fridge with tape and ensure that it stays standing upright. Adjust the freezer to its highest level the evening prior to the move and isolate the freezer during the move with blankets.

Fragile inventory

Take extra attention packing your tableware. Easy moving has special packing paper for tableware. Roll silverware in liquid paper. Wrap all fragile items for example with linen and indicate which boxes are fragile. Place heavy items such as plates at the bottom of the box and place fragile glass upright. Flamable objects place apart!

Heavy items

It is not advisable to place small heavy objects (like books) in one box. Use small heavy items for the bottom of the box and fill the remainder of the box with lighter objects. If you are packing books, place them face down to avoid damage to the books spine. Try not to make the boxes too heavy and use small boxes for heavy items. This makes moving easier and avoids damage.


You can hand your clothes in special warddrobe boxes which we can supply you with. Do not fold clothes if possible, roll them to avoid creasing.

Curtains and lamps

Remove the curtains from their rails and place them in boxes. Unplug the lamps and remove their shades. Place the shades carefully in boxes.

Clocks and paintings

Ensure that the pendulum is fixed in the clock. Let us pack large grandfather clocks, mirrors and valuable paintings so as to ensure their best protection during the move.


Pack small plants into boxes, leave the large plants up to easy moving.

Important and valuable items

Do not leave any keys in drawers or cabinets as they can be easily lost during the move. Keep your keys, money, cheques etc in a handbag with you. The same applies for jewelery and important documents or papers. Keep also your tools separate so that you can easily access them in your new home!

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