Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions Easymoving.nl
• The customer must ensure that all goods are well packed in the boxes. Fragile goods should be calculated on transportation to avoid damage.

• Workinghours start counting from the place of removal. (Up to half an hour to working location and return address).
unless otherwise agreed
• The removal price is in cash or by debit card immediately after moving to the movers to be paid.
• It should be paid a minimum payment of the first three hours of your move team.

at least 5 business days before the agreed moving date, unless otherwise agreed. IBAN NL77RABO 0328 29 90 49 in Hilversum
• On Saturdays there is a surcharge of up to 35% on all base rates.
• On Sundays there is a surcharge of up to 100% on all base rates.
• The customer is solely responsible for any damage, if there should be made use of driveways;

• The moving company is not liable for any damage in poor condition or poor quality of the Windows, façade, balcony and/or window railing or any loose addons
• Disassembly and Assembly activities must be reported at the reservation of your move.
• Packing and unpacking of boxes is not included within the move, unless agreements with the customer.
• For the moving of pianos, aquariums, water beds, safes and other special large pieces, charges on the basic rates. Prices on request: +31 (0)85-4853580 (local rate)
• The furniture in the moving van posted by others than the moving company are not insured.
• De binnenlift ten tijde van de verhuizing dient operationeel te zijn, en beschikbaar zijn voor de verhuizing.
• The use of the internal lift is done on the responsibility of the customer. There is not moved by  stairs,
unless there is no other possibility exists or on indications of the moving company. The moving company is always exempt from all liability in the event of damage to stairs rooms.
• The moving company can never be held liable by reason of material or physical damage, to or by the client, or to or by his helpers, inflicted on anyone, even if the damage occurs on the occasion of the cooperation, between a employee of the moving company and the customer and/or his helper (s).
• The customer submits his furniture, the building and other self to check for possible damage and in the presence, of the movers. In case of any damage, the customer must in the presence of the movers, this damage please on the moving document. Liability expires after the departure of the movers.

• For every move applies a deductible of € 150.-.
• Reduce your deductible
The premium for redemption of the own risk deductible amounts to € 150.-45. €-per move including VAT.
All move are exclusive unless otherwise agreed
Excl. parking permits
excl. temporary storage
excl. moving boxes
excl. Other packaging materials

As far as not explicitly outlined here, all other  terms and conditions for removals and storage (AVVV and AVBV)

  • What a great service!
    The moving went fast.

    Jorian van Dijken

  • Wat een geweldige service,
    het verhuizen ging erg snel.

    Jorian van Dijken

  • Wat een geweldige verhuizing,
    service, snel en goedkoop

    Annelies van den Berg