Corporate relocation

At some point, your organization may need a professional moving company to move employees internally or as a whole to a new location. Perhaps employees need to move who will be living and working abroad for your company. At Easy Moving, you’ve come to the right place!

Professional, service-oriented and customer-friendly

For you as the person in charge, it is very important that you can blindly rely on a professional moving company with an eye for detail. A service-oriented moving company that knows which services are important to you. These include flexible moving planning, handyman or cleaning services.

Easy Moving is a customer-friendly moving company, where customers are always people and not numbers in the queue of a service department. Moreover, good value for money is guaranteed.

Unique and attractively priced

Easy Moving is a moving company with a professional, service-oriented and customer-friendly approach. Thanks to its flat internal organization, efficient modern moving process and skilled and motivated staff, its prices remain attractive.

Fast and safe moving process

Easy Moving uses only professional modern moving equipment that enhances the speed, safety and quality of the moving process. No unnecessary noise from squeaky wheels or shoving cabinets down the hallway. Vulnerable parts such as screens and wall corners are given extra protection with special foils and foam material.

Preparation and aftercare

For a pleasant move, our rule is: “Good preparation is half the battle and clear agreements prevent unnecessary worries or misunderstandings”. Our professional removal counsellors are happy to think along with you, because moving is a profession in itself. Aftercare is also an important phase. This is where your desk is adjusted to the correct height, paintings are hung and other odd jobs are done by our movers or handyman.

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