Handyman service

Handyman service at Easymoving
Some of the walls and ceilings is disassembled in the old House, should be hung in the new home again! You can think of mirrors, picture frames, paintings, curtain rails, lamps and shelves

Easymoving can place the mirrors and (paintings) neatly up to the wall, also connecting (electric) lamps and assembling of new and/or complex furniture (that couldn’t done by moving team). We can offer you this service at an hourly rate of € 45,- p/h VAT included.

Cleaning service and filling of drillholes or whitening of the walls
In the ‘old’ house and the new one. Delivering or receiving the House broomclean for your furniture in a fresh-smelling new home? No problem! But do you also thinking about filling drillholes or even whitening of the walls.

Also this is possible within our handyman service.


  • What a great service!
    The moving went fast.

    Jorian van Dijken

  • Wat een geweldige service,
    het verhuizen ging erg snel.

    Jorian van Dijken

  • Wat een geweldige verhuizing,
    service, snel en goedkoop

    Annelies van den Berg