Storage at Easy Moving

If storage of the contents is desired or necessary.
One-time cost, per act shed contents                                                € 50.-
Storage charge per m3 contents, per a period of 30 day *                         € 8,50

Above rates are inclusive of VAT and the minimum taxable volume is 5 m3.

Monthly storage insurance 0.1%
above the replacement value on the insurance is no VAT is calculated.

If you often need your stuff, is it advisable that the self storage module is set on

  • What a great service!
    The moving went fast.

    Jorian van Dijken

  • Wat een geweldige service,
    het verhuizen ging erg snel.

    Jorian van Dijken

  • Wat een geweldige verhuizing,
    service, snel en goedkoop

    Annelies van den Berg