About us

Easy Moving is a moving company with national coverage. We are always with you within 30 minutes from our place of employment. We have a unique booking system for all your moving needs. Both large and small removals can be easily booked online. Your moving boxes can also be easily arranged via our website. Since 2004, Easy Moving has had more than 14 million visitors on its site. We move about 2,500 families a year, which of course we are very proud of.

The price of your move depends on the volume of your household contents and the distance between the old and the new home. But the price is also determined by whether you want a lot of cabinets and beds disassembled and assembled. The Easymoving removal teams work by the hour and are trained to work quickly and carefully. Enter your household type and the system will calculate the most efficient moving team for you!

Easy moving makes your moving easier!


Easy Moving moving company has all sizes of moving vans and moving elevators.

Your move will run smoothly if you prepare well and start packing moving boxes and dismantling cabinets on time. You can also easily arrange the moving boxes at Easy Moving moving company.