Office removals

Want to move your office?

  • Moving organizations and businesses is what Easymoving excels at.
  • Moving your office or business can be a complicated process, and it’s crucial that your employees can resume their work on time.
  • Unnecessary delays can cause additional costs and frustration during the move.
  • Easymoving corporate movers can take care of your office move entirely and save you a lot of worry.
  • Thanks to our years of experience with both large and small office moves, we can offer a customized move.
  • Delivery times for furniture, construction activities, and all possible obstacles are extensively mapped out.
  • This ensures that your employees experience as little unrest and disruption of their daily routine as possible during the office move.

Easy moving moves from the start to the finish

  • It all begins with a clear and organized quote from Easymoving.
  • Furthermore, you will have an experienced project manager at your disposal from that moment on for your office move within Maarssen.
  • From the preparatory meetings to the moment you are fully operational at your new location, the project manager is your point of contact.

Temporary storage
Easymoving business relocation offers the possibility to store your surplus or reserve furniture in our conditioned storage.

Moving computer systems
If we take care of your move, you can use your computer systems until the last moment. Our specialists disconnect the systems and peripherals shortly before the physical move and reconnect them immediately after the move to the new workplace. Easymoving business relocation always aims to minimize the inconvenience of office moves and disrupt internal business operations as little as possible. If there are any emergencies, you can rely on our services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Moving tools

  • You don’t have to buy or rent anything for your office move.
  • On the agreed-upon date and time, Easymoving delivers the moving boxes, stickers, roll containers, and other necessary materials.
  • If you want, one of our employees can demonstrate how to use the materials.

Self-packing or letting us do it for you
Easymoving can pack and unpack all your loose goods for you. Everything will be re-placed in the same order by us. The experts at Easymoving will inventory and structure everything. You can also leave the dismantling and assembly of furniture to us with confidence.

The control of the office moving
The move is carried out precisely according to a schedule agreed upon with you. This also includes the work of third parties. We can check the progress for you at any time. Immediately after the move, the entire move is thoroughly checked. As far as we are concerned, the office move is only completed when you are satisfied.

Easymoving makes moving easier

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