Hiring a moving elevator

When you are going to move, you obviously want to do this as efficiently as possible. Therefore, it is important to take a thorough inventory of what all needs to be taken with the move. The hardest part is often the high and large objects that cannot be moved easily. In that case, renting a moving elevator can come in very handy! 

When is a moving elevator needed?

A moving elevator is often used if you live in an apartment where there is no elevator. A moving elevator is also used when you need to move more than one height difference, such as in a three- or four-story home. A moving elevator is also ideal for getting things to and from the attic.

To use a moving elevator, you need an experienced technician to install the moving elevator for you. After that, you need to check that everything is working properly before you can start moving. If even one thing goes wrong while transporting your furniture on the moving elevator it can cause huge damage to your house and/or apartment.

What does it cost to rent a moving elevator from Easy Moving?

Moving becomes easier when you have the right moving supplies! Easy Moving is the right place for all your moving needs, including moving elevators, moving boxes and moving vans. You can rent a removal elevator from Easy Moving for as little as 85 euros per hour, including an experienced mover who operates the moving elevator. The advantage of renting a manned moving elevator is that you have virtually nothing to worry about because our skilled movers will take care of everything for you. You can also choose to hire an additional mover to help with the move and the moving elevator, the cost of this is 40 euros per hour including tax.  

What can a moving elevator do?

The maximum load capacity of an average moving elevator is 300 kilograms. Heavy items such as large cabinets, sofas, pianos and white goods can be moved up or downstairs with a moving elevator without any problems. The moving elevator’s engine often runs on gasoline, so it does not need electricity.

A moving elevator is capable of reaching great heights. Removal elevators can reach approximately up to the 17th or 18th floor of a building. There are also moving elevators available that can reach higher, though these are a little more expensive to rent. Easy Moving is happy to look with you to determine which moving elevator best suits your situation.

The benefits of renting a moving elevator from Easy Moving

  • You can easily book your move online, including moving elevator
  • You avoid damage to your belongings by renting a manned moving lift
  • With the right expertise, you can finish moving your belongings in one go
  • Easy Moving is happy to help you find the best deal for your situation.

Moving elevators for rent throughout The Netherlands

Do you need help moving and are you thinking of renting a moving elevator? Then you have come to the right place. We do removals with moving elevators throughout the Netherlands. Our prices are competitive and the service is excellent. In addition, all moving elevators come with transport insurance. You can easily book your move online through our website. We understand that you want to move quickly, which is why you can book a moving elevator online within minutes for the best price.

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